Evaluate the overall business performance

Measure Operations performance

Judge people scalability quotient

Assess the business process maturity

Measure Sales performance

Assess company’s technology effectiveness

Understanding the current reality of the company helps in deciding which areas to focus on to get the best returns from investments. Very often, the assessment results are in variance with popular opinion within the company and helps in re-aligning priorities for better results. 

Business Assessment is about getting a perspective on the company’s capabilities and preparedness to deal with their markets and growth plans. The key focus areas are :

  • To review the effectiveness of marketing efforts in generating new leads for the company
  • To review sales team’s process and planning orientation in target achievement and deal closures.
  • To understand company’s systems and processes orientation in planning and execution related activities
  • To gauge the next level team’s capabilities from a managerial and scalability orientation
  • Consolidated analysis and presentation of findings to the company management


Business Assessment requires a combination of quantitative and qualitative factors that require to be reviewed and analysed.

 It is done with a mix of the following.


On site interviews with business owners and key team members

Information Gathering

Collection of business data and information through web-based questionnaire

Data analysis

Analyse qualitative and quantitative data

Owner Presentation

Detailed presentation of our analysis to the owner


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