The company is a long standing, sizeable Interior Solutions provider in South India. They deliver interior solutions to large infrastructure projects like SEZ‘s, Corporate Parks, Corporate Offices, etc. They are a known brand name within the segments they operate & carry an impressive clientele list.

Business Reality

The business of end-to-end “Design-build” projects carry typical lead times of 3-6 months. With multiple players involved and many external dependencies at every stage of project execution, it’s a high risk, high value, high lead time business. The key elements of execution – material and labour, are external resources guided by availability rather than company priorities. Common teams manage multiple projects of varying scope, requirements and lead times.



  • Constant chasing of material, labour and approvals across all work fronts
  • Last minute fire-fighting and high work pressures
  • Lack of synchronization across projects leading to severe constraints on resources


  • Time, quality and brand value getting impacted
  • Poor MIS, project visibility causing high working capital requirements
  • Need for business to scale to a professionally run organization



  • Lead time reduction: ~ 20%
  • Increased productivity: ~ 35%
  • Quality of end output, reduction in rework: 30%


  • Focus shift from opening more work fronts to closing work fronts.
  • Better prioritization mechanism aligned with customer expectations
  • Less stress in the system and significantly lower load of multitasking


  • Overall throughput & productivity improved
  • Reduced working capital requirements
  • Operational scalability proved a market differentiator for large projects
“…The project helped us focus on the right things at the right time. It helped iron out many rough edges, some of which we didn’t know existed. But most critically, the company could clearly see a positive direction, following which we could finally realize our dream of a well-oiled, hassle free execution company...”
Umar Teekay, Managing Director
Aspire Infinite | EPC – Interior Solutions