A new age start-up in the growing field of power productivity which leverages a web of connected services that are backed by a panel of experts who use cutting-edge technology to deliver network enhancing insights, solutions for energy and power usage.

The young founders come with extensive experience in this industry, having already established another successful organization. Their core innovation rests in building a service platform that uniquely connects various players in the market to deliver savings, efficiency and power quality to clients.

Business Reality

Start-ups are exciting. Part of the excitement is in the risk and speed of the ride. Add to that, if the product or service is path breaking in the market place and depends on the market maturing over time. New generation start-ups face a myriad of planning challenges like structured ideation, sensible business modelling, commercialization of the idea, pragmatic business plans and cost management, apart from market challenges like time to market, protection of IP, right partnering models and client trust building.  


Core Challenge

  • To shape the business idea into a tangible business model and translating it into a profitable venture
  • Building the organization structure, teams and processes to ensure continued scalability


  • Ideating on the business model and linking all the functional aspects of business.
  • Creating a comprehensive business plan that is “investor ready”
  • Ensuring a focused approach to build a competitive edge in the market
  • Reviewing and tracking various initiatives needed to deliver onto the plan



  • Evaluating right delivery partners to ensure the entire supply chain is tied up to deliver on the services
  • Guide thinking on action and decision priorities to ensure time and effort is best utilized in the right areas 
  • Regular reviews leading to a structured and quick growth process


  • Ensuring a common platform for directors to share, work and perform so that management is synchronized in its direction and effort.
  • Enable productivity and focus – aligned to the business plan to gain maximum output from committed resources


  • Using a structured methodology to building and growing a business ensured a de-risked and most productivity approach to business growth
  • Building value in the business by consistently keeping the long term goals in focus ensured markets and customers valued the services in the right manner
``Aspire is like a mentor, strategist, soundboard, advisor, goal shaper, productivity enhancer, culture builder and many other things all rolled into one. It is a connection which touches on every aspect of our business and guides on taking the right decisions right from inception of our idea to currently where we have reached after 2 years of this journey.
Needless to say it is immensely rewarding for us to have them on board and its our goal to ensure we scale the heights that we have set our sights on as a common vision.``
Karthik Parekh, Head of Consulting
Aspire Infinite | New-age Startup