The company is a market leader in the Pharma packaging equipment space. They have been in this field for the last 20 years and have earned a reputation as a market leader through the width of their product offerings and flexibility of their deliveries. Their clientele includes the who’s who of the Pharma industry across India and a select set abroad. The management was keen to explore future growth through geography diversification and new LOB (line of business) offerings.

Business Reality

The Pharma packaging ‘change parts’ market is very competitive with a range of players from the equipment OEMs at one end to the small scale “mom and pop” setups at the other.  The change parts product is part of a bigger packaging line solution and needs to deliver to the expected performance parameters of the full line. Pressure on margins is very high and being flexible and ensuring quick deliveries is the only competitive advantage.



  • Poor due date performance < 15%
  • Unpredictable quality of deliveries due to the combination of range and “trial machine” availability for end-to-end testing
  • High dependency on management for day-to-day operations


  • Lack of clarity on Growth strategy for the next 3-5 years
  • Owners time on long term initiatives limited due to operational challenges


  • Poor first half sales leading to significant year end pressures
  • Unpredictable sales closures leading to poor sales planning
  • Growth stagnancy despite a big sales team



  • Customer–product matrix realignment led to improved sales focus and higher conversion ratios. 
  • Improved sales planning led to better visibility and predictable sales numbers
  • Planned Vs. Actual sales performance > 70%
  • Due date performance: > 60%


  • Next level team taking increased ownership for day to day operations
  • Improved communication, advance warning and focus on quality
  • Senior team’s managerial capabilities significantly enhanced


  • Clarity on way forward strategy and actions needed for the same helped redefine organization structure leading to better focus on the short term as well as efforts on long term initiatives
  • Owner’s focus on long term initiatives helped explore international collaborations, start complementary line of business offerings, etc.
``..Multi Owner Businesses always have a bigger challenge in ensuring alignment at the top level which can then translate to more productive efforts down the line. Our biggest benefit of engaging with Aspire was to help us understand our company DNA and align us on business goals which enabled us to set milestones in that direction and build the business towards sustainable and profitable growth.
As mentors to the top management and implementation partners to our sales and operations teams, Aspire has professionalized our company and changed the work culture to a result oriented one. Today we are able to see things much more clearly due to the alignment which Aspire help create and with Aspire as our partner, we are confident of achieving the set milestones for sure.

Anil Kumar, Director
Aspire Infinite | Pharma Equipment