Our methodology

What is our methodology?

Business is a structured mix of Planning, Review and On-going Improvement. It’s rightly said,
“A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish” and we know that “Execution without Accountability is just a
Hope”. We need all facets to work in harmony for sustained results.


Defines organizational and
departmental priorities


Accountability and
focus on results

Systems and WoWTM

Enables timely, actionable information support

As a first step, a Business Assessment is done through our Biz Diagnostic tool which provides a perspective on the company’s capabilities and preparedness to deal with their markets and growth aspirations.

Then we engage the Owner/s in an intensive Biz Planning Workshop wherein we collectively invest two days of “think time” to build a 3-year plan, with clear actionables for Marketing, Sales, Operations, Cash Flow and People. The purpose is to translate vision into results that can be reviewed, tracked and improved thereby enabling the Owner to step back, find time for long term initiatives and think like an Investor.

Moving into the engagement, we bring in our proven WoWTM for PRE (Way of Working for Planning and Review Excellence) for Operations, which ensures clear targets, timelines and priorities, that is supported by timely escalations and issue management.

Managing Reviews at various levels, functions and time cycles is the cornerstone of Execution Excellence. We bring in the templates, processes and tools that enable structured reviews. We back it up with our on-site presence to ensure accountability. Using a proven mix of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews, we take hands-on responsibility for implementation.

WoWTM for PRE at a glance

Drive Throughput & Growth using TOC PRINCIPLES

Guiding Thinking Processes to set right Biz rules and Policies for the business

Drive Profitability & Stability using IT and Systems

Implementing right Process and Systems to build right “Working” Habits

Drive Harmony using Performance Management & Mentoring

Creating the Right Enviroment for Team Work,to build a culture of harmony and results.

“Extremely professional and qualified team, possessing a mix of domain expertise and research acumen. Aspire team always brings a fresh perspective to the table and understands the client’s business issues in depth, before proposing a methodology. I would highly recommend them for translating your personal vision to implementable strategy.”

“Aspire Infinite’s team has played a very important role in helping us turn the company around and improve profitability. They have been able to identify lapses in our system which then helped us get accurate information and their monthly MIS helps me understand how the business is moving against the plan, we are able to see the effect of the pilot phase in less than a month. They have been great growth partners to us. “