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100%, we would recommend any other business owner to make use of myGPS and its modules. It has helped us segment our product offering in broad way, focus on product segments by priority, also pinpoint root cause problems for solutions. This provides us a clear roadmap and focus is maintained on core business activities.
Director of a pharmaceutical change parts company

Director, Machine tool Manufacturing – Sales growth is not just about responding to more and more enquiries. With Aspire’s Sales Way of Working, we have realized that segmentation and conversation ration are more critical to sustained growth. With process improvement and reviews, we have developed a much more healthy order book and focus on relationships

Directors of a Pharma Equipments Manufacturing company

After attending the myGPS workshop we understood the importance of planning and learned new management concepts which would help us bring about sustainable change in our company. The most important takeaway was that all weaknesses cannot be eliminated; hence we should only focus on eliminating only those which are blocking our strengths and acting as an impediment to growth and change. Overall the workshop was an amazing experience

Managing Director of a generic pharmaceutical company

Other “coaches” talk about branding, advertising as the means to grow. Their strategy is on big ticket investments and expenses with no guarantee on results or growth. We spend and invest everything in advance and then hope things will work out. This workshop doesn’t focus on increasing expenses, but on improving profits step by step by investing only where absolutely necessary. Any businessman wants such a balance between investments and results on an ongoing basis.

Director, Fashion / Garments Manufacturing

Very few consultants are able to take company-wide view of management. HR, Finance or Process Improvement projects help only the department and save costs, but does not help long term growth. With Aspire, we are able to take risks with the assurance that they will look at it from all perspectives and be there to take responsibility as we focus on the market. That is their strength.

Managing Director, Transformer Manufacturing

Being able to generate more output from the same capacity sounds theoretical. But, Aspire has helped us grow more than 3 times our turnover with the same infrastructure. Our bottom lines have jumped up as a result.

Managing Director, Control Panel Manufacturing

Delivering projects in IT is a complex process often involving tough decisions relating to people, customers and costs. We were constantly delayed with budget overruns and low motivation. With Aspire’s CCPM approach, we jumped to over 90% on time within budget and the teams enjoyed the process with credible performances.

Managing Director, IT Products and Services in BIFS