Our Clients

Are you a Business Owner, keen to grow your business in a structured, de-risked manner?

Business Owners form the backbone of any economy. They drive employment and value creation. Though, quite often, they continue to remain a “start-up” in terms of systems, processes and professional culture. However, investing in this long term initiative are the real key to survival and growth. All resources including money, machinery, products etc. are useless unless the owner, his team and the business are able to manage the inherent risks that growth brings.

Do any of the following describe you as a Business Owner of an SME?

  • andnbsp;Ambitious, seeking to create value for yourself, your team, clients and the larger eco system
  • Next Generation with a global outlook, fresh ideas and looking to take the business to the next level
  • Seeking to “professionalize” and break out of the ‘SME’ slot
  • In a potentially growing market, with value added products and services for the market
  • Have invested in a fair team strength and looking for the team to take the next level ownership and handle day to day operations
  • Willing to invest in strategic initiatives and understand the value of change management

Does any of the following challenges sound familiar to you?

  • Are you caught-up in regular fire-fighting, facing challenges in managing internal and external teams?
  • Are you unable to find the time for strategic initiatives?
  • Are you under-leveraging your investment, capacity and market potential?
  • Have you been dissatisfied with your past experiences in consulting, software/ERP implementation?
  • Have you found change management and improving managerial capability of your team a tough challenge?
  • Do you find it tough to attract/retain outside talent?
  • Are you stuck between large customers on one hand and equally large vendors/suppliers on the other?

We understand the risks and challenges that our clients face. They attempt multiple initiatives, seek professional help, attempt certifications, try HR engagements and connect with their peers in different associations. Often, having made choices, they are forced to give up in implementation. The core challenge remains time, teams, money and discipline in implementation.

If the above describes your situation, then we would love to engage with